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Mortgage Specialist
I am an experienced professional ready to help make living affordable
The advice of a mortgage professional in today’s world is crucial given the continuing policy changes by our governments. I have been in the financial industry for 12 years and keep up to date on all regulation and policy amendments so that I can help you navigate through your mortgage financing options. I can help find the right lender with the right program that fits your individual needs. Don’t let these new rules stop you from achieving your homeownership dream.

G etting a mortgage can be an intimidating and complicated experience. I make it my mission to make this process as easy and understandable as possible. I shop the lenders so you don't have to. I read the fine print and explain it all to you, so you are left with no questions or surprises. Did you know, 75% of mortgage holders sign a 5 year term but over 50% of mortgages don’t make it the full 5 years. Most mortgages are held for just over 3 years. This costs you, the mortgage holder, thousands of dollars in payout penalties. What are your future plans? Is a 5 year truly right for you? Is your mortgage assumable or portable if you need to sell your home early? These are all questions I ask to get to know your needs so I can help find that right product for you. I walk you through the process, step by step, so all you have to focus on is packing!
I also give my clients free advice on budgeting, credit counselling, and how to make your overall financial picture healthier. Did you know, simply by changing your mortgage payment from monthly to bi-weekly, you can save thousands and pay off your mortgage quicker – with no penalties. I am here to help you, any way I can. I Make Living Affordable! Let me make living affordable for you today.
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Reverse Mortgage Specialist
Do you know someone who can benefit from a Reverse Mortgage? Do you need to pay down debt or pay for an unexpected expense? Maybe you or your parents need more monthly cash flow to maintain the same standard of living. If you are 55+ and have equity in your home, I am a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist and can help make living affordable for you today. For more information on CHIP mortgage or Income Advantage mortgage, click the link below or contact me for more details.
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Broker vs Banker
Fixed vs Variable Rate
Don't Sign Renewal
A mortgage broker works for you for FREE and does all the shopping around so you don’t have to, thus getting you a better rate and product. The bank can only sell you their product. A mortgage broker must also be licensed and take continuing education courses whereas the bank representatives have no formal training.
Statistics show that variable rates on average are lower than fixed rates. Variable rates can also offer better payout penalty options. However, what is right for you depends on many different personal factors and should be discussed with your broker. Don’t be a statistic; have a plan that works for you!
The Bank renews the majority of their mortgages at posted rates (4.99%), NOT discounted rates (2.99%). That’s a difference of 2%! For a mortgage of $300,000 this could cost you an extra $20,000 on a 5 year term! All lender penalties are not the same either. Talk to me before you sign your mortgage renewal.
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I offer the following services:
  • Mortgage Financing - 1st and 2nd Mortgages
  • New Purchase Financing
  • Refinancing
  • Purchase / Refinance plus Improvements
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Rentals and Second Home Financing
  • Construction Mortgage Financing
  • New to Canada Mortgage Financing
  • Mortgage Renewals / Switch or Transfer
  • Conventional and High Ratio Financing